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With an ever-changing landscape of applications, staff and students requiring connectivity, the challenge of ensuring the security of a districts’ data has become increasingly complex.
Therefore, school districts find themselves with the challenge of trying to understand their current cybersecurity posture, vulnerabilities, open back doors, and lack of end-user awareness for best practices in order to keep their data safe.  


A Rapid Risk Assessment

  • One-time, consultative and actionable assessment.

  • Quickly and efficiently assess the cyber security readiness and HIPAA compliance of a school district.

  • Rapidly identify significant risks and cyber security gaps within the district including unknown ransomware infections.

Effective Cybersecurity for any organization requires a dedicated team of experts. School districts lack adequate funding and internal resources to address the growing threats and challenges in keeping data safe and secure.  

Engage Digital Advisors for long term cybersecurity strategic planning and any immediate needs.
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