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How can you be certain that you are asking for the correct equipment?

Overbuying, or requesting incorrect equipment or specifications can make or break a project and budgets. 

Do you have the expertise and bandwidth to verify that all of the equipment you purchased was installed and implemented properly before you pay the provider? 


Technology infrastructure projects come up on a daily basis and school districts don’t always have the internal resources on staff to deal strategically with bid management, strategic implementation and audit readily available.


Procurement K12 supports better procurement outcomes, more competitive prices and ensure that the district gets the most out if their technology budget. 

Procurement K12

This strategic procurement service will provide a completed RFP for the district that includes all requisite RFP documents and grading matrixes and management of the RFP process along with a culminating audit.  

This service will help a district achieve their procurement objectives by: 

  • Defining the procurement strategy for the projects that are within scope. 

  • Defining metrics that enables a district to choose vendors that will achieve their desired outcomes. 

  • Provide a district with expertise to hold vendors responsible for delivering what they have been awarded.  

  • Help the district procure exactly what is needed for the best price possible, and verify that the technology is working as requested before final payment to the provider has been approved.  

Engage Digital Advisors for long term technology strategic planning and any immediate needs.
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